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Sure Load Moving & Storage is Charleston, South Carolina’s premiere moving and storage company. Conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, SC and started back in 2010, Sure Load Moving has served as one of Charleston’s top movers for 5 years and is licensed and insured to move you anywhere in the country.

We know that the moving and storage industry has some bad actors who make moving families even more painful. Sureload Moving and Storage is proudly owned by locals – the Abrahamsson family –  who care deeply about the community and their reputation. Honesty and integrity are the most important qualities we bring to the moving business. We want to make sure that you are satisfied with our service. Sureload Moving and Storage is more than pleased to answer all of your questions to help you plan and execute your move. Our pricing is simple, we do not have any hidden travel fees, material costs or seasonal/weekend up-charging.

Sureload Moving and Storage strives to be on of Charleston’s top movers. We handle each customer as if they are family and make sure that all their needs are addressed.

In the moving and storage industry, a company’s experience and track record demonstrates their ability to deliver each and every time. Experienced movers know they must cherish and protect your irreplaceable possessions. No amount of insurance is going to ever give you those back if mistakes are made.

Couple unpacking box in atticHere are a few tips in choosing the best moving company for you.

If you are moving to another state, look for a moving company that has a US DOT number, which is a unique license number issued by the United States Department of Transportation. Make sure your moving company’s DOT number is valid. Click here ( to check Sureload Moving and Storage. If you’re moving within your own state, make sure they have a valid state license.

You can verify that the company is insured on the same website you use to check their license number. You should NEVER use a moving company that does not have a license number or insurance. Make sure that your personal items are covered during a move under your homeowners or renters policy. If not, you may want to consider supplemental moving insurance. Visit our Tips page and find the link to to view different valuations of insurance.

A moving quote with low rates doesn’t always mean a low final bill. Ask if fuel charges included. Like the airlines, moving rates can vary depending on season and the days of the week. Can you get a better rate if you move on a Sunday versus a Monday?

If you are moving out of state, ask the company to give you a detailed explanation of the logistics and cost. Is the moving company forth coming about the fact that long distance moves almost always involve a delivery window – not an exact delivery date?


Ask questions!

  • Will the moving crew wrap and protect your furniture to prevent damages?
  • How many movers will be on the job?
  • How long will the job take?
  • Are there enough hours in the day?
  • Will you be charged if there is overtime?
  • By law a moving company can only give you rates on the phone not estimates on the phone. Does the moving company provide free on site estimates?
  • Are they active in the community? If they care about the community, chances are they will care about you and your move. They want to continue doing business in your town a long, long time. And, they aren’t just into one night stands but really want a committed relationship with your community and you, your friends and your family.
  • What sort of specialty experience do they have? Are they familiar with high rises and elevators?
  • Do they measure doorways, stairways, elevators etc. in advance?
  • Lastly, does the moving estimator have any questions for YOU?

If he/she hasn’t asked a single question, yet is ready to give an estimate, turn and run.

1005 Von Kolnitz Road, Mount Pleasant SC 29464

Licensing Info:

SCPSC# 9780-C
USDOT# 2640466
MC# 742412-C

Call us! (843) 971-1779

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Movers Servicing: Charleston, Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, Summerville, Johns Island, Kiawah/ Seabrook Island, Hilton Head, and Myrtle Beach SC.

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